The Internet has made our life so easy. We can easily get any information we want, and virtually be at any place at any time. But this has also led to major privacy concerns regarding our confidential information. As our lives literally ‘lie’ on the Internet, Cyber criminals can hack into our personal details and misuse them. Therefore, Cyber security is an essential concern in this fast-paced digital age. To curb it, we have DevSecOps – the software development standard that is the new revolution in the cyber market. Let us explore this in detail.


Cyber Crimes: The nuclear war of the digital age

If we look at the attack strategies of hackers, there are two ways in which they exploit users.

First, there are phishing attacks in which users are duped into entering sensitive information on a page which appears to be real but actually is fake. Phishing can also happen when a file downloaded by the user causes the leak of sensitive information. This type of attack can only be avoided if users are more aware of their actions, and do not get fooled into doing something stupid, which costs them big!

Second, hackers attack the basic software vulnerabilities and loopholes within the construction of the software, which gives them access to unauthorized systems. This has become very common, due to negligence of software developers. They overlook the security details in development and just deliver code that meets the required specifications. Security is rarely considered in the initial design. Developers often do not put in efforts to avoid these situations.


Brace yourself for attacks

These days, due to the emergence of machine learning algorithms, there is a lot of help in covering up vulnerabilities and protecting systems. These algorithms recognize vulnerabilities and inform the developers about security concerns. Also, there is a new revolution among developers which ensures the quality of code delivered.

DevSecOps is an extension of DevOps in which the developers are held accountable for their code quality. The developers no longer just meet the required specifications and dump the code into production, they also put in efforts to secure the vulnerabilities in the system. This is a new phase in the Software Development Life Cycle that includes Security testing along with application testing. The applications are being tested for vulnerabilities at each stage of the coding process.

This does not mean that the vulnerabilities in the previous software are going to be fixed magically. But the applications are updated with the patches that make them more secure.

DevSecOps: The security revolution

It is not a perfect world. Likewise, there is no such thing as perfect software with zero vulnerabilities. All we can do is improve. According to security professionals, the biggest enemy to an organization is the organization itself. Organizations do not put in the required efforts that could help them avoid the hackers who steal them blind. If the organizations put a little more effort and money, they could altogether avoid a catastrophe to which they are currently headed. The DevSecOps movement is the one that could actually lead us to a safer and more secure digital age.



We’re running quickly into a historical moment in time when technology development is outpacing everything else. DevSecOps is a reflection of our need to keep watch on the processes behind development. I often wonder how many buildings came crashing to the ground before the industry created construction and engineering standards to follow for safety. DevSecOps is the response to many crumbling development projects. Shoring up security to keep the people safe from harm.

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